Business Philosophy


Business philosophy


In Hone-Strong, we operate small volume production of a wide range of different items; besides, continually innovation is the key for us to make differentiation from competitors. These strategy not only allow us maintain high competitive strength above others but gain profits from it.

  •  Innovating:We continually operate in textile industry and adjust our business strategy to meet market demand; furthermore, innovations allow us to make product differentiation and gain business profits from competitors.
  •  R&D:Ceaselessly research and development in functional fabric fields, and proactively gain authorization from our famous clients around the world.
  •  Competitiveness:We understand cooperate with industry partner over the world is the best choice for Global Allocation strategy; this strategy allow us response market demand and adjust mistakes within seconds. Our clients are well-know organization in U.S, Europe, Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam etc.…
Ceaselessly Innovation,R&D,Competitive Strength

Safe and comfortable working environment with stable job. Company attention gender equality. so that employees are have no worries about the workplace and will be work hard.

HONE-STRONG 100% follow the regulations published by government in related to Labor/Health Insurance and Retiring Fund. We even exceed the number in regulation of Retiring Fund and give extra 10 million casualty insurance and health-check in Veterans General Hospital biennially to everyone. Besides there’s also Staff Welfare Association built for conducting staff activities like domestic/abroad travel etc.

Commitment to Employees

“Where you take from is the place you should give back”, and deeply understand what was needed from society.

The Fortune Social Welfare & Charity Foundation was set up at July,2015. Every year, company surplus and income from other investments to used for charity activities and contributes to social welfare.

Careness, Treasure, Contribute