Chairman's word

“Great oaks from little acorns grow”


HONE-STRONG was set up when it was a difficult time. Team members and I kept the same idea and target focusing in 40 years. We worked hard and targeted in sample goal and with all the effort, and today we can have the achievement and glory.

For quite a long time, HONE-STRONG run business for “Small, Elegant and Gorgeous” as our connotations and built flat-way of organizations to construct the company management pattern; uphold our professional, realistic and responsible attitude, we had indissoluble bond with textile industry when started. We started from textile OEM and devoted for our own research and innovation then promote ourselves to become ODM in design orientation. To establish the differentiation among textile companies and develop our competition capabilities.

Any success to a company, it cannot be only for the charismatic leadership of chairman but also the employees'  strong coherence, firm recognition to company culture, insist of performance management; we think and work together,  stay unity and harmony, seek truth from facts and execute thoroughly. Those reasons result in HONE-STRONG's success.

In these 40 years, we've been through industry crisis many times. And the true fact is HONE-STRONG can conquer the difficulties and challenges with our spirit of non-surrender and innovative thoughts advanced with times. We stand without shaking and keep grow and become stronger.

Excellent employees are HONE-STRONG the most important Intangible assets. Sincerely take care employee's life, welfare and create great atmosphere/environment for them to devote into work so that we can have growth in profit. In long term, we uphold the ideas in “Commitment to Employees”. As the chairman of HONE-STRONG, I insist that company should contribute 30% profit after tax every year to reward all our employees' effort and share the sweetness of success we all joined and created. I will execute this thoroughly forever. Feedback to society is HONE-STRONG sustaining responsibility.

For a long time, HONE-STRONG kept its idea of “where you take from is the place you should give back”, and deeply understand what was needed from society.
Donating rice and other charity activities in winter times. Every year HONE-STRONG donate around three million NT dollars materials to be a good example to other companies and expect them can also join. The Fortune Social Welfare & Charity Foundation was set up in 2015 and have aside from company surplus for 10% with all stock holders' agreement and 20% income from other investments to use on overall planning. It means whenever HONE-STRONG earn 3 NT dollars, there will be 1 dollar was used for charity activities and contributes to social welfare and the effectiveness are affirmative.

Here I would like to thank our customers, partners, bankings  and friends from everywhere to support and trust HONE-STRONG. For all you've done can be the tremendous motivation for HONE-STRONG's sustainable growth. This year will be HONE-STRONG the 40th year from started and our efforts in many years have been approved from Ministry of Economic Affairs. We are awarded for the 25th National Award of Outstanding SMEs from President and this belongs to all. But everyone shall not feel complacent from current success. The 25th National Award of Outstanding SMEs is only phased recognition. Meanwhile it's also a start from HONE-STRONG to move towards to the next new stage. In the past, HONE-STRONG has been reached 3A enterprise level from profit, welfare and social responsibilities. From now on, I will care and put more attention to employees' welfare, pour efforts on social responsibilities to push our company makes for target of 4A enterprise.
『Common Respect Corporate』is the noble task for HONE-STRONG members should chase for from now on. And I believe everyone can conquer and achieve this target.