We believe Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the key to make a better society for our stakeholders. In Hone-Strong, we take health and safety as priority missions, our business movements are complying with international ISO standard. We believe education is the foundation for a steady society, for this reason, we offer scholarship for students in need, also, we provide several internship opportunities for senior university students every year.

 Corporate social Responsibility

At Hone-Strong, we believe we can improve people's life through business. Since the initial time, we donate materials such as rice, blanket and clothes etc.…to charity organizations that cost three million dollars every year.

Our Charity Foundation 財團法人慶福社會福利慈善事業基金會
Founding in 2015, the Fortune Social Welfare & Charity Foundation represents all the stakeholders of Hone-Strong, operating 10% company revenue (before tax) in social welfare; in short, we donate one dollar to charity organizations while gaining three dollars from our business actives.

 Cultivate excellence

We provide two internship opportunities for senior university students every year that allow students gaining more practical real-world skills from industry; besides, we donate two million dollars for students in need yearly.

 environmental protection and industrial safety & health

Our factory operate self-monitor and restrict system very well, the emission are complying with international ISO standard. Our suppliers cooperate well to reduce water consuming, also following the AATCC, ASTM, ISO and GB standers while operating sewage. Our affiliated company, Beauty-Strong, is the biggest yarn-dyeing factory in Taiwan, which completely meet EIA standard. The model factory, Beauty-Strong, has 24-hours-monitor system that allows EPB supervise the sewage.